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You have to wonder why some companies rise to the top and other competing businesses fail to do so or flourish for a moment and fade away. Sometimes it is the organic process at work: a company owner does well but changes direction and sells up to move on or retire.

There are also companies that get their focus wrong and can’t achieve the right balance between pricing and profit or their customer service is seriously lacking. What about Madvapes: the guy who started this company was a programmer for 30 years before even getting started back in 2009, which means he’s no 20-year-old upstart. He didn’t even begin with a business degree or experience as a business owner in some other field. How did he become so successful and what can customers expect from Madvapes?

Madvapes Promo Codes & The Early Days

Madvapes got its start when a programmer stopped smoking and became seriously interested in e cigs. His passion became an idea; he was tired of programming anyway. Why not take his interest in the vaping business and use it to change careers? That’s what he did, moving from a room in the house to his garage, and eventually a warehouse with promo codes available.

One day he turned around and saw there were physical stores plus his e-commerce business and a healthy line-up of customers plus a series of Madvapes own vape mods. Madvapes had become truly successful. Maybe these all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. Perhaps that’s just a cliché and the guy behind Madvapes has felt the passing of time after all the work he’s put in. Let’s hope if he ever sells the business and passes the baton that the next person or team does as good a job as he has.

Mad Vapes Website Outline

A review of any business’s website is useful to getting a sense of the company itself: organizational skills, their focus, and the audience this firm will tend to attract. It’s hard to pin Madvapes down as a site for advanced vapers or a range from mid-level to experienced because they also carry eGos and some mini cigs. One can, however, determine that their focus is the frugal vaper. Madvapes customers don’t plan on paying $200 for a single mod without a battery or an atomizer. These people are happy with clones of mechanical devices or, better still, with adjustable electronics made and sold by companies like Kanger et al who keep prices low.

Their site does not feature subject headings for product categories. Those are revealed when you press the arrow on a drop box and then you see headings plus sub-headings: tanks, atomizers, e liquid, DIY e liquid, specials, new equipment, starter kits, and mods. The result is an uncluttered home page. There is a section just for people who build mods and it is much the same now as it’s always been featuring tiny items like switches and bulbs. Once you enter a section new sub-headings are released to the left for you to peruse such as brands, prices, and further category filters.

Specials, Coupon Codes & Discounts

I can’t cover the entire range of Madvapes products, which would take a long time to read and eventually tax your patience. Let’s cut to the chase since you will be heading for this section first anyway as most people do when they enter a real store too. What’s on sale? Madapes lists several impressive items and lots of big savings like $8 for a $20 Gripper, 42% off the Tesla Steampunk mechanical mod clone in copper ($44.99), the Smok Gold E-Pipe for $24.99 (half price), and more. The EHPro Cronus V2, T-Dux 4.0 1.5-ohm DC atomizer, and several drip tips are on sale right now, but only until stock holds out.

Very Beginnings

Buy a disposable e cig as a first experience in the vaping world. Choose a cigalike kit with a rechargeable battery. Buy a simple eGo set rated 650 mAh or up for half-day vaping with a low-tech clearomizer. There are several Madvapes-branded items out of China but also brand names like Kanger, JoyeTech, and Innokin.

Madvapes Authentics

Explore the heavy-duty styles and unconventional aesthetics of Madvapes mods like the Deviant, Bellow, and Plume. A special edition of the Deviant was made in honor of 75 years of Sturgis Buffalo Chip: a famous concert and camping venue in South Dakota.

More Mods – Available With Coupons

Choose an advanced vaping device featuring a big display or veer towards a mechanical device. Explore adjustable VW or TC box and tube mods. Perhaps you want a semi-adjustable device that’s a little of both with a by-pass function but also a PCB.

In the “regulated” category there’s the Innokin Disrupter for $45.99, an eVic VTC by JoyeTech for $99.90 (a kit), and the Sigelei 75W TC priced $74.99. View some high-tech bundles among starter sets for newbies. Madvapes lists a number of mechanical mods, mostly affordable or cloned mods by EHPro, SMOK, and others. There’s the Tesla Steampunk Mechanical Mod Clone, for instance, or an EHPro SMPL, Route 66, or Kingpin. The Galileo is $19.99 and could be your cheapest introduction to mechanical vaping. Explore telescoping mods, standard voltage devices, and accessories. All available with a coupon code.

E Liquid Menu

Madvapes makes their own series of e juice and they carry some famous brands. View them in order of their ratings or in order of which have sold the most so far. Charlie Noble is the top-rated e juice but Lion’s Head (Madvapes house brew) is the top seller. They’ve also got Space Jam, Old North, and Conspiracy Liquids, to name just a sample of their selection at Madvapes. This list covers the bases from tobacco to dessert e juice. Use their DIY section to facilitate brewing fun. Listings include DIY nicotine, flavoring, bottles, and Luer Lock Needles.

Builders’ Section

Are you an intrepid mod builder, hoping to break the boundaries of style and function from a shed-turned-shop? Madvapes can help. They list a number of practical items plus how many types of each item they carry. Choose LED lights, frames, half-inch switches, and circuit boards. You truly can build a box mod from home.

Coupons For Madvapes

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